Leena Lukkarinen
Leena Lukkarinen (born 1960)

Her artwork has entwined with recycled textile material for more than past two decades. Her work addresses ecological and gender issues, women’s work and everyday life aesthetics. She has pioneered in several sectors of art. In the use of recycled textile material in art piece already in 1989 MA degree exhibition, in this respect she has been an actor who introduces new methods and ideas in the discipline. She has acted among the first that combined photography and textile material in an art piece together in 1993. And finally, the pioneering PhD research work: Recycled Materials in Contemporary Textile Art, Interpretations of Recycled Textile Material in the Light of Womanhood and the Everyday Life, the first practice led research work in textile art in Finland in 2008, in which she introduced the phenomenological and hermeneutical approaches in research with the attitude of everyday life research, play and women’s studies.

In art pieces made from recycled textile material (fabrics, tablecloths, clothes) the
interpretations of the material connotate to everyday life and the work i.e. housekeeping and the care of everyday textiles. It is still mainly women’s work to wash the clothes and to mend and iron them. Recycled textile materials connotate to memoirs, history and stories of life in themselves as well as the actual function of it. Recycled material can be seen as a manifestation of everyday life in artwork.

After her PhD work her artistic scope has changed towards even more ecologically sensitive
perspectives by focusing on plastic disable material and crochet technique in the artistic expression. Besides the interest of textile material and techniques she has had a long-term enthusiasm and interest in painting and photography, not so much as an attempt to professional photography, but the transmission of ideas and to document photographically as well as experimentation of textile art. In the practice of the art she has aimed constantly renewing and developing artistic expression, as well as ongoing efforts to also define the area of textile art. Striving to stretch the border and expand the limit of area of textile art regarded as
contemporary art.

By taking the crochet technique in focus she has wanted to deepen the previous themes
conceptually even to more radical dimensions, emphasis the womanhood and its culture, history of the discipline the skill in craft but also playfully and critically questions old conceptions of good taste in textile art tradition for example by combining plastic and natural materials together.
In many cases the art pieces of hers highlights the theme of colour, that has been in the center of all artistic and research activities during the decades.One of the most significant features concerning the artwork of hers has been the studio community work In Harakka Island on the coast of Helsinki, administered by the City of Helsinki Cultural Office, where she has had a challenge to work in interaction with other artists. Her activity around the area of art and design is wide ranging from organizing exhibitions, conferences, art organization activities to research work and writing.
Among which is the
Northern Fibre 1 organizing teamwork between the years 1994-96 the first Textile Art workshop in Nordic Countries.

Positions of trust: The Finnish Association of Designers ORNAMO, Art Section, chairman, 2011-

13; NNCA Nordic Network of Craft Associations, representative of Finland
2011-13, The Textile

Artists Association of Finland TEXO, chairman 1998-2000.

Leena Lukkarinen