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Dancing with fairies
(Tanssii keijujen kanssa)
performance for five dancers

Photo: © Reijo Sormunen
    at Barker-teatteri, Virusmäentie 65, 20300 Turku, tel. 02-2383903
    first night 4.6. at 7.30 pm.
    Other performances during spring: 6.6., 7.6. and 14.6. at 7.30 pm

    Script and directing: Annette Arlander
    Dancers: Marjan Raar, Nina Renvall, Kai Lehikoinen, Mikko Kaikkonen, Jonathan D. Kane
    Choreography: the team
    Stage and lightdesign: Reijo Sormunen
    Music: Tane Kannisto and Olli Tuomola
    Production: pikinini meri ry./ Barker-teatteri

    The performance is based on Irish fairytales and the radioplay Keijut, Fairies (Radioteatteri 2000). The performance describes how difficult it is to let go, forgive and forget the one you love, even though the world is full of wondruous creatures and wonderful landscapes.