Annette Arlander

How to perform landscape ? how to comprehend time?
Year of the Rooster 2005 was my fiftieth year and also the fourth year that I recorded as a video diary, video filming myself weekly with the same scarf in the same landscape. The first one, year of the horse 2002, I presented in the small exhibition Year of the Horse on Harakka in the Telegraph on Harakka Island 3.6.-16.6. 2003. The second one, year of the goat 2003, was on display as Harakka Shore ? Year of the Goat (and part of the Monkey?s) and as Harakka Shore (Day and Night of the Monkey) in the exhibition Vision and Mind in Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma 29.5.-26.9.2004. The third one, year of the monkey 2004, I presented in the small exhibition Year of the Monkey on Harakka, in the Telegraph on Harakka 20.7.-31.7. 2005.
The fourth year to be presented, Year of the Rooster, will be on display in an ammunition cellar on the island. Besides the video Year of the Rooster (see image) the exhibition will include a video called Christmas of the Rooster, inspired by Viktor Rydberg’s poem Tomten (The Gnome). Both works were performed and video filmed on Harakka. Besides these works I am preparing a video from Koivumäki, a country cottage where my mother was born in the southern part of Finland’s lake area. I have visited the place with my video camera and a red scarf once a week from May 2005 to May 2006, trying to comprehend what time really is and how time is visible in me as well as in the landscape...