Annette Arlander

ANNETTE ARLANDER (born 1956) is an artist, researcher and a pedagogue. She is one of the pioneers of Finnish performance art and a trailblazer of artistic research. Arlander holds an MA in directing, another in philosophy, and a DA in theatre and drama. She was professor in performance art and theory at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki 2001-2013. Arlander’s artwork is focused on performing landscape by means of video or recorded voice. Her research interests are related to artistic research, performance studies and the environment.

Some background, in my own words:

I graduated from the department of directing at the Theatre Academy in 1981 and completed my studies for Doctor of Arts (Theatre and Drama) there in 1999. I have worked as a free-lance director for various municipal theatres as well as independent production groups and directed performances both in Swedish and in Finnish. I have also created or directed radio plays for the Radio Theatre of the Finnish Broadcasting Company at first in Swedish, later mainly in Finnish.

My first theatre production, in 1978, was "The Bacchae" by Euripides in an outdoor setting with the Swedish Student Theatre in Helsinki. During the 80´s I worked with performance art in the group HOMO $. Since then I have more or less seriously been called "the priestess of the avant-garde" but also "director of the year" (1996). In the 90´s I studied the use of space in a performance, especially the theatrical use of found spaces and was interested in site-specific work. I also wrote my first book "Esitys Tilana" (Performance as Space) published 1998.

From the year 2000 my artistic work has been created for a contemporary visual art context and concerned with performing landscape by means of video or recorded voice. My research interests can be summarized in the title of the anthology "Performing Landscape - Notes on Site-specific Work and Artistic Research (Texts 2001-2011)” (Theatre Academy 2012).

Brief CV of artistic work