Annette Arlander

Suomeksi'Murmuring valley'
in the Telegraph of Harakka
30.7. -16.8. 2002
Text: Ramon Llull
Voice and recording: Annette Arlander
Editing: Mikko Hynninen
The Catalonian Medieval scholar and mystic Ramon Llull wrote the text Llibre d'Amich e Amat in the years 1282-1287 as part of the work called Blanquerna. Seppo A. Teinonen has translated the text into Finnish calling it "Ylistän rakastettuani" (I praise my beloved, 1983).
The 366 aphorisms of the text were recorded in 366 different places along the mountain brooks in the vicinity of Farrera de Pallars in La Coma valley in the Pyrenees in September 1999. For each text fragment a sound landscape was recorded in the same place.
'Murmuring valley' - sound installation, souvenir, performance documentation - can be heard daily from 12 am to 5 pm. A boat to Harakka leaves every hour below café Ursula in the Kaivopuisto park.