Annette Arlander
Harakan saaressa
24.2. - 18.3.2001
la - su klo 11 - 17

Arlander, Annette
Rock triangles 1 - searching for a meteorite

2000, Video for two recorders, four monitors and earphones, 18 min.

Video: Annette Arlander
Editing: Christian Lindblad, LR-filmi
Music (tape A): Togo Musique Kabiye (Ocora - Musique traditionelles vivantes, Radio France 1984)
Text (tape B): Martti Lehtinen speaks about meteorites in the Geological Museum of Helsinki 27.6.2000

The work is video filmed on Harakka Island in the summer 2000, originally to be part of the sound installations 'Where Rock Speaks'. It was realized with the support of Suomen Kulttuurirahasto. The triangles are signs on the nature path. On tape A (white) they are filmed from southeast to northwest, on tape B (black) from northwest to southeast. Together they can also be seen as a small flower construction and homage to the sixties.