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Tuula Närhinen
A study of the movements of trees, plants and waves in the wind. Photographic experiments with different wind recording devices and a camera obscura installation.
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    There are no photographs of the wind. Wind is perceived as movement or felt directly on the skin, but in a snapshot its effects disappear completely. In my series of experiments I try to record the motion of the wind with the help of a tiny light bulb attached to trees or plants. When photographed with long exposure times, the light bulb draws a fine line on the surface of the film. I have also let the trees and plants themselves work as wind recorders by giving them a piece of white paper to draw on with a marker pen attached to their branches.
    A source of inspiration for my wind recordings have been the pictures of a French physiologist Etienne-Jules Marey, who in his scientific experiments at the end of 19th century used photography and graphic recording devices for the analyze of human and animal locomotion.
    1. Witches broom
A camera obscura installation in the window.
    2. Anemographs
Color photographs and drawings recording the motions of different species of trees and plants in the wind.
    3. Flag trees
Photographs of trees shaped by the prevailing wind.
    4. Sea wind
Color photographs showing the movements of the waves.