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Länsituuli - Vestavind
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    From Harakka:

Aino Favén
Variations for the Wind.
The direction and strength of the wind tune up the work together with the light of the moment in an old explosives bunker.

Olof Kangas
Airmobilante Spontanicus.
A fantasy power station - definitely useless in anything but spreading joy and recharging your laughter batteries!

Osmo Kivimäki
The Wind Job.
Miniature sculptures in motion. Recycled materials.

Leena Lukkarinen
My Burden.
A kite-like textile sculpture made of old parachutes. The work interacts with the nature around it.

Kristiina Lähde
Tuulihatut - Vindböjtlar.
Poems for the human voice and the wind. Finnish and Swedish poems form a series of playful experiments that reach for the wind by means of language. (Headphones.)

Tuula Närhinen
A study of the movements of trees, plants and waves in the wind. Photographic experiments with different wind recording devices and a camera obscura installation.

Kai Rentola
A whisperer in the wind - a tribute to Finnish dance musicians. Made of bottles and sheet metal.
    From Bergen, Norway:

Marta Nerhus
Wind Shelter.
Airy, transparent and fragile objects, like dreamy stories. The work is based on the artist's experience of sculpture/tableaux with ironware. Organic structure refers to plants and oceanic life.

Suvi Nieminen
Wind Mirror.
This sculpture of stainless steel makes wind speed and movement visible, inviting you to a silent conversation with the wind.

Ingrid Berven
Mandorla consists of a glowing red chair and tidal whirlpools. A focus on tensions arising from a meeting between nature elements and historical presence.