2000.hel.fi - Euroopan kulttuurikaupunki - Europas kulturstad - European City of Culture
Länsituuli - Vestavind
on Harakka Island on Saturday 6 May
and Sunday 7 May
at 11am
Harakka laboratories - a series of cultural events to celebrate Helsinki, a European City of Culture for the year 2000
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    Two kite-making workshops will be arranged in connection with the West Wind Art Exhibition on the idyllic Harakka Island in Helsinki. Come and build your own kite and fly it! The instructor will be Mr Olof Kangas, an experienced kite-maker.
    Kite-making suits for adults and children from seven years up. The materials fee will be 10 marks/person.
    Please enrol in advance during the previous week, take something to eat with you, and also bring colourful plastic carrier bags to be used as material for decorations.
    Harakka Island with its historical buildings and seaside location off the southern tip of Helsinki provides a unique venue for all sorts of projects and exhibitions. From April to October you can reach the island by boat from Ullanlinna quay on the hour (boat fare 20 / 6 marks).
    For additional information, please contact Ilona Rista at (09) 626 514, PL 182, 00141 HELSINKI