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Script and directing:
Annette Arlander

Chrystal: Sometimes I would like to be an aquamarine. Because it is a stone for visionaries. The aquamarine helps you to see intuitively and to notice things which were painful and which you therefore did not want to see properly.
Chemist: The aquamarine belongs to the group of beryls; its bluish colour varies depending on the amount of iron. It can be found in pegmatites and sands.”

In the old cellar fortifications and telegraph building on Harakka island, rocks tell their stories in a series of miniature radioplays compiled by Annette Arlander and performed by the actors of the Finnish Radio Theatre. Each space: To the Center of the Earth, Rocks on the Shore, I Would Like to Be an Amethyst, Your Heart Is a Brick and The Voyage of Maeldun forms a world of its own.

Maa Ranta Minä Sydän Maeldun
Maa Ranta Minä Sydän Maeldun

Where Rock Speaks
Where Rock Speaks
Turn of the World